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Meet Naomi Newman

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Naomi Newman is a stylish mom of three who relocated to California from London 14 years ago.
She’s a classy, edgy, Brit and best friend of Omgirl creator, Meghan Fielding.


How did you first discover Omgirl?
My husband and I were flying out to L.A. from London over Labor Day weekend. I bought Vogue [magazine] and was reading it on the plane on the way home, and there was an Omgirl outfit on the cover, and I turned to my husband and said “That’s what I want to wear... I have to wear that!” 

When we moved here my yoga teacher introduced me to the Omgirl sample sale, and I met Meg, and we’ve been best friends ever since.

What are your three favorite Omgirl pieces?
My favorite Omgirl piece is the drop-crotch Retreat Pant. Everyone who sees them wants a pair; we always joke that I could sell them out of the back of my car they're so popular! They’re great for every body shape, any age, whether you’re casual or a bit more rock n’ roll. [Also] the Glorious Dress, and the Jumpsuits…I can't live without them in the summer. I have a soft spot for the Hotei tees because my babies wore them in the kids line when they were little, and that image is very nostalgic for me. When I was pregnant I just lived in Omgirl because it was so comfortable.

What are you go-to pieces that you pair with Omgirl?
I wear so much Omgirl… I wear A LOT! I’ve got a really cool tank top with cutouts on the back and I love to wear that with the Retreat Pants. I have the Retreat Pants in Silk as well, amazing! I wear them with killer heels and dress them up for night.

If someone had never heard of Omgirl before, what would you want them to know?
Nearly everything, including the athletic wear, can be worn in so many ways and that's key for me. It’s wash-and-wear which, as a mom of three, there’s no time to dry-clean or even iron.

Who was your first style Icon?
One individual is probably Amanda Harlech and Daphne Guinness when I was living in London, I love their style. It doesn’t matter how old, it’s a look you can wear at any age. It’s rock n’ roll and a bit edgy while still looking quite classy.

What makes you feel most alive?

I love being at the beach, especially with my kids. Being down at the ocean or trail running… being in nature.

Fast Favorites - Tell us your favorite...

Guilty Pleasure: A glass of bourbon on the sofa after the kids go to bed

Wild Animal: I’ve got a soft spot for hippos

Music Artist: Massive Attack



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