Our Story

Omgirl was born from yoga…
Founder, Megan Fielding, created her first yoga-inspired graphic tee in 1997 while working at the original Yoga Works, in Santa Monica California

It grew from there…
With yoga as her muse, Meghan created a collection of elevated active and lifestyle pieces that embraced the ethos of the yoga community. Omgirl became a pioneer in yoga wear, and quickly found a loyal following worldwide.

Since then…
The brand has become synonymous with Meghan’s vision to blend fashion-forward silhouettes and hand-dyed prints with functional, active, comfort-wear elements.

Omgirl is designed to empower a woman’s multi-faceted lifestyle, to express their individuality,  and to look and feel their best!

Omgirl is proudly made in Los Angeles, California from fabric to finishing.

Wear with love!